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About Mr. O'Leary

Frazier O'Leary is an educator/entrepreneur and father to two kids in Alexandria, VA. A former high school history teacher in D.C. and Arlington, VA with a Bachelor of Arts in History and a Masters of Teaching from the University of Virginia, he's been involved in technology, education, and entrepreneurship for 20 years.

In 2013, Frazier began creating a collection of online courses and activities to support local homeschoolers from HTML 101 to Diplomacy Simulation to Memory Masters. Two years and more than 10,000 families/students later, he launched the O'Leary Academy for Gifted Youth to provide more resources and support for parents of independent learners.

Frazier grew up in Arlington, VA and Washington, DC. Over the past twenty years, he's worked on technology, education, and entrepreneurship projects for the Network for Teaching Entrepreurship, the Stargazier Foundation, the Entrepreneurship Center, and Follett School Solutions. He's a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, a movie enthusiast, and the founder, activities director, and sometimes only participating member of his local chapter of SOFA (the Slightly Overweight Fathers Association).

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